Thursday, November 24, 2005

Harry Potter : Goblet of Fire - Movie 4

So I got to see the new Harry Potter Film. This one is certainly much different in tone than the first three. Alot more going on I am sure it was hard to get this book into one smooth screenplay. With that said, I did like the movie, it was very visually appealing. However as an avid reader of the books, it did leave something to be desired. It didn't feel as smooth to me as the first 3 were. It just felt like going from this big point in the book to this point to this point, trying to pack only the major things in. I am seriously concerned for how they will treat the contest for the final three installments, as book 5 and 6 are rather large. Personally, I say treat the last three like Peter Jackson did for LOTR.
The public has proven that we will sit 3 hours for a good movie about books we love. With Harry growing up, and danger becoming ever more persistant, 2 and a half hours simply will not do the next three books justice. Especially when everything finally comes to ahead and unfolds and all ends are neatly wrapped up, if JKR sees fit to do so. HP : GOF was ok . It wasn't the big huge phenom I thought it was going to be. It is still a great movie, but I certainly hope like Harry and each new DADA teacher.. I hope the new director on the next one will do a better job.


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