Sunday, October 23, 2005

World Poker Tour's Ladies Night III

Ok , so last night I was watching isabelle "No Mercy" Mercier, (from team and actress Jennifer Tilly on the travel channel play in the WPT's Ladies Night 3. Wow, what a game! These 2 ladies, and the other 4 ladies they played with are some of the finest players in poker. Ms Tilly is the 2005 WSOP Ladies Champion.They aired 2004's Ladies Night 2 just before this game, in which Ms. Mercier took home the grand prize. So this year she was playing as defending champ this time around. Sadly she just couldn't catch a card and ended up going out in 5th place just after "London" Gallagher, an amateur-qualifier and poker mom who bested 565 players to win her seat. 4th place went to Ms. Cecillia Reyes Mortensen. 3rd went to veteran Ms. Marsha Waggoner. At one point, Jennifer was the short stacked being sucked out against Mrs. Grinder's AK to Tilly's A6. She made a huge comeback though, bluffing hand after hand, taking out one player then another, then going heads up with Lily "Mrs. Grinder" Elviro. Now down to heads-up, Lily vs. Tilly, the two aggressive gamblers took turns pushing each other around with all-in bets. Finally, Ms. Tilly found J7 of clubs, she raised $200,000, and Mrs. Grinder, with T7spades, picked the wrong time to push back, going all-in over the top for just $120,000 moreThe flop came Qs-5h-2h, and then a Jh on the turn gave her the tournament title, rendering the river a meaningless formality. Jennifer Tilly, Hollywood actress-cum-poker champion, added a new title to her suddenly burgeoning list, as Queen of WPT’s Ladies Night 3.
It was truly a terrific game to watch. I just wish I could be like these ladies someday. Perhaps when my son is grown up and in college, I will move to vegas like I dream of doing and just go play poker :)


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