Friday, October 21, 2005

Favorite Wil Wheaton Moment

Well, I was just thinking and I am curious about when people who have seen Wil (normally I'd be calling him Mr. Wheaton, but Wil seems to not mind if you use his first name ) , the best moment they liked in his acting. this doesn't necessarily have to be a moment in Tv and Film, if you have had a personal experience, tell it!

My Favorite Wil Wheaton Moment :
Though he wasnt in the movie long, it was in the first part of Toy Soldiers, when Wil just grabs the terrorist's gun and just runs to the steps and gets blasted full of holes. (don't read anything into it please lol) But that was a great moment. He was so gung-ho! A perfect death scene. I just bawled.

What was your favorite Wil Wheaton moment? Tell me about it!


Blogger shewhobeatsass said...

my favorite Wil moment? it's a tie between The Girls' Room when he's letting go on the girl for supposedly cheating and Stand By Me when he's pointing the gun at Kiefer friends and i saw that and cheered...

Fri Oct 21, 03:54:00 PM PDT  

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