Saturday, July 30, 2005

First Journal Entry

OK.. so I finally broke down and decided to have my own me page..
I will be writing when I can things that pop into my head,
things I think about, hear about, and dream about... in my little sad sad world.
Usually my whole past would make anyone feel much better about their life.
When i hear about people committing suicide.. I always go "Gee, wish i could've told them about my life! if anyone has a reason to kill themselves, it certainly is me."
Really!.. Well i don't wanna go on a major rant my first entry.....or maybe I will..
M bio is i'm a single mother of 1 beautiful son. Christoper Ryan.
I named him after a friend of mine that died in 1994, but more on that later.
My mom always thought my life would make an excellent self help book so people could see how NOT to behave. She might have an idea there.
But, this little blog. will have to suffice for now, anyway. It's not like anyone is actually
going to be interested in reading this. :P
I was born in Kentucky. Sept. 17 1978, but we were living in Tennessee at the time..
my dad actually did not want a kid of his being born in TN.
I don't know why.. so don't ask. He was a paranoid schizo, and i wonder where i get it from. Thanks mom.. any way more on that later.
The tales of my father alone are .. well, all in due time.
Must keep the suspense some how. Grew up in ky, ran around with a not so good crowd.
Hated school.. can't wait to start those tales.. did some college , got pregnant in 2000 and
here I am 5 yrs later starting this blog/journal mostly .. for my own sanity since I have no one else in my life to talk to.. really , I'm not making it up.
Friends have died.. family ...well... any way.. this just might be the therapy I need.
It certainly is cheap to write your own thoughts.
Perhaps i will find like -minded folks who can give support to each other say - ya i've been there.. and oh dang i thought I had it bad., and plan things together.
Who knows? guess I did go on a mini rant.
Just wanted to introduce myself.
Believe me.. I have ALOT to talk about and it all started when iIwas 4 years old.
It pretty much sucks that your life starts going down hill after 4 doesn't it.
Till I write again.. peace.


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