Friday, October 21, 2005

Wil Wheaton's Blog and Poker.

Ok. So I have been reading alot of Wil Wheatons blog WWdN (which is currently down but he has posted a temp blog here :, and it is just one of the best blogs on the 'net to me. Wil has many interests that are similar to mine, and he is an avid poker player that has quickly risen in the ranks with the top elite of poker gaming. While reading his blog, he mentions he can be found on, well since I had been playing poker online already on and (absolute is one of the best sites IMO)
I decided to check out pokerstars. I also have to admit, I am a Wil Wheaton fan
ever since Stand by me and other tv things I had seen him in and of course the deal on ST: TNG. It's not his former tv star status that draws people to his site,
it's his intellegence, and his charisma that enchants his readers.
We love hearing him talk about poker, and anything else that tickles his fancy.
I mean come on, how many former stars (in my eyes Wil always will be a star)
actually run their own blog site, and responds to its readers? REALLY???

I could go on and on about how great Wil is and how awesome his blog site is,
but all who read his site know that already. what was my point again?
Oh yea, well I have been playing on pokerstars now for awhile, and it is quickly becoming my fave place to play. I am hardly on those other sites anymore.. tho I still go to from time to time, because i like the set up.
But pokerstars is alot of fun, and its a chance to play with someone I had a crush on growing up who turned out to be one hell of a guy. Most of us still get star struck when we have a chance to even speak or see in person an icon we idolized in our youth, and I am trying to not let that get to me, because you don't want to come off as some stark-raving lunatic, or some creepy person.
Like OMG OMG OMG WIL !!!! lol. No, just being yourself, calm and just getting the opporotunity to say hi is blessing enough.
I am one of those people who am happy worshipping from afar. Yes I said worshipping lol. I enjoy the tv shows, I enjoy the movies, and that's as far as I am happy to go to seeing my favorite actors and actresses.
I have met several famous people and each one has been a pleasureable experience, from Vicki Lawrence, to Trace Adkins, to Aaron Neville to Kris Kristofferson. Its just nice going up shaking a hand, saying Hi, and getting a pic, autograph and hug. I am happy with that, or even if that never happens I will just enjoy seeing them on tv. What really gets me mad are the stalkerazzi.
I don't know how many americans think this way, but I do believe stars deserve their privacy. I do not want to know about their personal lives ( for the most part) . Ok I do wanna know who is dating whom, who married whom and things like that.. but it gets ridiculous. I don't want to see a pregnant Miss Federline, I don't wanna see a topless Diaz. I don't wanna see bony chicks,
or someone puking. To me, this ruins the allure of what these people do.
We pay them to entertain us. Let's enjoy their work and leave it at that.
Ok , I am rambling again, and when I start doing that it's time to take a break
but this is why my blog is called what it is called. I like to ramble and just say what pops into my head. I may not always be clear to others, but for me it makes total sense to myself, and it serves its purpose for me. this blog is for myself. others are free to read it even critique it, i don't care. ah.. well there i go again. but for now, I am very excited at getting to say hi to one of my childhood icons that i grew up with. it is something i won't forget.
so when I get the chance to buy into one of wil's poker tours, it will be a blast
(for me at least) ;) and again.. harsher penalties should be imposed on certain members of the paparazzi for certain things. sometimes they just go too damn far.


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