Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The FAT war rages on.

I was reading an interesting article today about the 'politics' of being fat.
Interesting. It seems there is a new .. well maybe not so new movement of groups pushing anti-fat bigotry. Ok , this could be good and this could be bad.
The article talks about how dieting actually makes some people fatter and totes on the billion dollar industry. It also discusses how alot of people make no excuse for their size and are perfectly happy being big, as well as saying how larger people are discriminated against and that alot of big people are that way due to genetics and other reasons, so it's not really their fault. Well , I agree to this only somewhat. I do come from genes that give me the predispostion to be big. That is only a small part of it. I didn't start getting big till after I hit 12 when a major life trauma affected me (and no I can't discuss that it's too painful). The reasons I attribute to being my size are part genes, and part over eating and not enough activity, which pretty much does it. When I had my trauma not only at 12 but I had one years earlier at 4 (let's just say it involved male members of my family and you may get the idea), I started to get the idea in my warped head, if I am bigger I'll be unattractive and maybe they will leave me alone. So now years later.. I am big. However being my size, hasn't stopped me from having my son, or boyfriends, or a sex life. I've dated very attractive guys and bigger guys. I personally think it is all about choice and responsibility.
Should big people be sneered out, be biased against, be made fun of, get sub-standard care in medicine? No. Of course not. It is one of the last forms of bigotry, but as the article states usually minorities are discriminated against.
What happens when the minority becomes the majority? One-third of all adult americans are overweight or obese.
A so-called new study states that in the course of a lifetime,
9 out of 10 men and 7 out of 10 women are going to become overweight.
This is shocking to some, but not to others, especially the way our culture is heading. So like I said, it is all about choice and responsibility. If you are happy with your size and you are quite healthy then by all means, be what makes you happy. Do not change for anyone other than yourself. If you have had trauma in your life , like I have, and you ended up big and are not happy with it, then do something about it that makes you happy. My size didn't come to me over night. It came over the last 15 years. I am still trying to lose what I gained during my pregnancy. It's not easy, but I do what I can. Losing the weight will not be easy either but it is my choice to try and lose my weight and I will do it in my own way, in my own time. So anyone who doesn't look beyond my weight to know me , isn't worth knowing for me.
Here is the full article about - America's Waistline.


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