Friday, November 04, 2005

WWdN # 4

Well, I had finally made it to a WWdN tour. I was pretty excited and had been slowly climbing with a few good hands yo-yoing a bit.. till I reached 6 k in chips.
Then one hand took me down to 3 and then finally Went in big with A8 and there was an A23 in flop. However I was called and lo and behold the other player had AK.. and I was knocked out at 53. Stupid Stupid. Well, that was probably my first and last WWdN tour. Unless I have a lot more money to spend again and that probably wont be for some time. It was a good experience and I KNOW I could've gone much further if I didn't play so loose. I had to go cry. I really did. Live and Learn. It was a good experience but I will be sticking to the free play for a long time.


Blogger shewhobeatsass said...

awwww...that sucks! i'll have no hiding place for a really long time, AND my incense burner broke! this SUCKS! on the bright side, in answer to what you said on my blog, *grins widely* i did indeed...geeks are REALLY good kissers!

Sat Nov 05, 04:14:00 PM PST  

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