Friday, October 27, 2006

Waiting is sometimes best...

With the price tag that is attatched to the upcoming PS3,
(it's the Blu-Ray technology that makes it so idiotically expensive)
I am not willing to let go of my PS2 just yet.
I didn't buy the PS2 when it first came out, and my reward,
was a smaller and cheaper design that included the built-in drive
I needed to play online PS2 games.
I didn't buy a PSP right away, and got spared all the hacks
and abysmal library of PSP games,
until they came out with some better ones.
Also , the PSP is now getting a retooled design.
Too soon? You let me know.

Sony is introducing an upgraded version of the PSP in Japan before
the end of March 2007. It will not be the "PSP 2",
as Sony is taking a similar page out of Apple's iPod
strategy and upgrading the current PSP's specs while keeping
the retail price the same. -
Translation - what I pay for my PSP will be better than
what you paid for yours.

Also, as Apple does with each generational ipod model,
Sony will discontinue the current model of PSP
when the new model goes on sale. Sales of the handheld
are still going strong more than a year and a half since its
release in the USA. Perhaps a combo of strong sales
and plans for an enhanced version of the system have
prevented Sony from dropping the price
of the current PSP hardware.
Instead they introduced the PSP core pack
earlier this year which offered a lower-priced alternative
at the expense of the previously bundles accessories.

Anyway, perhaps if every gamer out there

did NOT buy on launch day,
Sony and other companies would start lowering prices,
instead of raising them over and over, since it seems
there are willing people who will pay whatever prices Sony
names just to have the latest things out there.

No, when the PS3 is finally released, I think once again,
I will err on the safe side, and wait.
I may be rewarded for my patience.


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