Sunday, April 23, 2006


OK.. So I was scanning some random news posts
and I came across this one.
I like to write about anything concerning games,
movies, and other things I like.
Here is the article I found about a murder and an Xbox.

XBox Murder Trial Will Begin July 5-

Jury selection in the trial of three men
accused of killing six people
because of a video game system will begin
July 5 in St. Augustine, a judge announced Friday.
Circuit Judge William A. Parsons, who earlier this month

moved the trial from Volusia County to St. Johns County,
said the six-week trial could require interviewing nearly 1,000 potential jurors.
Prosecutors and defense attorneys had agreed that

intense media coverage of the case would make it difficult
to find an impartial jury in Volusia County.
Potential jurors were less likely to be tainted by

pretrial publicity because the St. Augustine region
is in a different television and newspaper market,
Parsons said.
"At the (St. Johns County) courthouse, they asked me,

'Where is Deltona?'" Parsons said.
Jerone Hunter, 19, Troy Victorino, 29,

and Michael Salas, 20, all face
six counts of first-degree murder, five counts of
mutilating a dead human body and three other felonies.
Prosecutors allege Victorino organized the baseball bat attack
in 2004 to retrieve an Xbox
video game system that he lost.
The men face the death penalty if convicted.
A fourth man, Robert Cannon, 19,

faced the same charges as the others
and he pleaded guilty in October to all of them.
He will get a life sentence instead of the death penalty in exchange for his testimony.
Erin Belanger, 22; Francisco Ayo-Roman, 30; Anthony Vega, 34;
Roberto Gonzalez, 28; Michelle Nathan, 19, and Jonathan Gleason, 17, were all killed in the attacks.
The victims, some of whom were sleeping,

did not put up a fight or try to escape, investigators said.
All were stabbed, but autopsies determined they died of the beating.

What idiots these guys were to do this.. OVER AN XBOX?!!
No item is EVER EVER worth killing for,
and going to prison for.
The only consolation we have is that
these boys are behind bars
and will never hurt anyone again.


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