Friday, April 21, 2006

The IMDB Wars

As usual when internet savvy people see a movie on its debut night.. they head over to the best site for movie info and critique the film they just saw.. Again.. some loved it, some hated it, and others were just plain confused buy it. You gotta love internet debates.
However I posted this response.. And You either love the movie or hate it.
Life continues on..

Basically in a nutshell.. It has a lot of beginning scenes that are in the games.. Rose adopted a little girl, who has nightmares when she sleepwalks and yells about a place called silent hill. Rose decides to take her daughter there but find her daughter is jsut a pawn in a much bigger game. Many years ago.. some nutso townspeople were fanatic in thinking they were the only ones who could cleanse their town and free it of evil. -The backstory of Silent Hill was not only the story of Alessa but a much older story about the first burning of the Arch Witch, Jennifer Carol. That burning has defined Silent Hill as the ground for the primeval battle between the 'perception of good and the perception of evil.' - So they burned anyone they thought was a witch or evil. There was a girl Alessa daughter of Dahlia ..she had no father.. and was scorned for this.. in one scene she is tormented by her classmates and runs into a bathroom and is then molested by the schools janitor this not shown but IMPLIED. They think the child is wicked so they burn her.. she lives.. but eventually grows so much hatred (the devil i suppose) visits her to give her revenge on her tormenters. Thus silent hill is split into two 'realities' and so is Alessa split, into her evil half, and her good half.. which is sent to the outside world for protection as a baby.. Who Rose adopts -- SO Rose returns to the town and gets caught in the demensions..EVENTUALLY.. Alessa the bad gets her revenge on the townspeople , rose gets her daughter back.. but the ending is in the true style of the games where everything is unsure.. More from the director...I like the fact that this is where many dimensions intersect, and where you can exist on many planes. This fracturing between realities is reflected as a fracturing within a character. Characters can become multiple, like Mary and Maria in Silent Hill 2, and Alessa in SH1. Because this is such an abstract concept, this was the most challenging aspect of trying to adapt the game. The first game tells the amazing story of an adult woman who also exists as two little girls, good and bad doubles representing who she was when she was hurt. We are forced to realize in Silent Hill that we can be our own devil, our own God. This very Asian perception is so completely different to the Anglo/Christian concept of God and the Devil as separate beings.

*ALSO.. Alot of the story was taken from the
REAL LIFE STORY..of Centralia, Pennsylvania.

*Time Stands still in Alessa's Dimensions.
And that is why the cop never aged.
Silent Hill and the surrounding town of Brahms never change.

*(separate posts)


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