Friday, April 07, 2006

April Showers

April is going to be a very good month for me.
I am finally getting a DVR. Just as good as TiVo I hope.
Also, many of my favorite things are coming out all at once.
Finally the wait for the Silent Hill movie pays off.
Silent Hill the movie starring Radha Mitchell is opening this month, April 21st.
Also out finally is Kingdom Hearts 2.
That would have been the one title I would have paid 50 bucks for ,
I have to wait again, or at least till next month.
Also FINALLY coming out is Final Fantasy 7's ADVENT CHILDREN!!
Join me as I shout , WOO WOO !!!
Not that FF : Spirits within wasn't any good..
YES I LIKED IT. It was visually stunning, but it had

Nothing to do with what we fans thought it was going to be..
So here comes Advent Children, bringing to life all those Characters we so dearly love.
I have this on reserve at gamestop,
and I cant wait to see it! Sigh.
Here is a great video of some footage someone sent my way,
and I can just watch it over and over
till I have the DVD in my hands :)

Ugh I cant shorten the links in post sorry :P-



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