Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Return to Infinity and loneliness.

Well, I am semi-back from my hiatus that I was on while preparing for back surgery and recovering from it. I had suffered a ruptured disc that either was also pinching my sciatic nerve
or something else was pinching the nerve.
Either way, I had surgery and they cut away some bone to take out the HUGE ruptured disc, and to relieve the pinched nerve.
However, there are pain signals at the top of the nerve that sends
wave of pain down my leg and into my toes, where I only feel pain
in my left leg below my knee and in my toes.
My left foot is still pretty messed up.
So I am on pain meds till that nerve heals.
I have been told that nerves take a long time to heal,
so I can't sit at my computer as much as I used to which sucks.
I just decided to write again, even though I am a faceless drone
in the ever growing popularity of the net.
I am still not sure what I want my blog to be and it confuses me.
I love poker, gaming, electronics, I am passionate about many things.
Do I want to get personal with my blog?
Do I want to get political? Ugh, not really.
I just decided this blog is really for me, for my sanity,
to get my thoughts and feelings out there , as raw as they may be.
Yea, this will be here for anyone in the entire world to read,
but I really don't care. The great thing about the internet is that
we are exposed to many, but we can still be invisible and alone.
If there is anyone who reads this, I will try to write more often.
I can't promise daily because
I am still in quite a bit of pain from my surgery, but I can try every few days.
I missed writing. I like talking to people, discussing ideas
informing you of neat things I am interested in , you know.
Talk to you again soon.


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