Saturday, December 02, 2006

I have but one small voice.. yet they wish to silence me.

*Just a note.. this blog is for my sanity. I welcome open discussion on the topic I am about to write about, but only kind, courteous, and civil chat will be allowed. I respect all races, all religions, and the good humans of this planet earth. Just to be clear, any threat will be reported.*

We Will NOT Allow Any group to Destroy civilization!

I recently wathced a movie called, The Hamburg Cell.
It is about a young lebanese student who falls in with
muslim extremists who eventually carry out
the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.
I respected this film in some ways and others, I did not.
It also saddened me and frightened me.

I respect the aspect of the muslim culture of putting
God at the center of your universe. I like that idea.
The muslims in the movie, and yes this is just a movie,
even though it is based on actual events,
talked about a muslim holocaust,
yet put down the trials that jews went through
they put down the jewish holocaust,
stating that jews got rich off world war two.
Remember this is just a movie.

I want muslims to live in peace, yet the radicals want to kill me
just because of what land on earth I happened to be born.
I want to raise my son to be
tolerant of all races and religions like I am.
Yet, if Osama and his men had their way,
my son, my little 6 year old child,
would be shot dead just for being born,
just for being born white,
just for being born american, just because.
I am trying to teach my son to value all life,
to be a good , kind, and just man,
to teach him to respect his fellow man and woman.

Yet, because I am a single mother, because of my circumstances,
I am an infidel, and should be killed.
According to Osama and those like him,
I don't deserve happiness, or paradise
or everlasting peace when I die,
because I am a woman, I am american.
They want to destroy me, my mother, my grandmother, my child,
my life, as sucky as it is, it belongs to no one but me, it is MY life.
The muslims speak in the movie, of god and forgiveness,
one even says when he dies,
some of his value should go to the poor and needy.
I cannot understand how they can hate so blindly,
but try to look compassionate on the other end.

They hate us so much , they will die to kill us.
They are unrelenting in this movie, and it is sad,
and it infuriates me, and yet I pity them.
I pray for all muslims. Everyone has a right to exist. EVERYONE.
Well, yet again there, that too is debatable,

I should say everyone who never wants to harm anyone
has a right to exist. Murderers should not exist.
I am a woman, I was born in America, so you want to kill me.
I respect your religion, yet you want to kill me
and deny my choice of religion or how I wish to worship God.

You want to destroy me and my life,
even though I have a good relationship
just God and myself and noone else.
With God, that is all you need, you and him.

want to destroy me because I want to teach my son tolerance,
and to respect a woman. When the extremists attacked on 9/11,
the did not destroy faith, they did not destroy america,
they did not destroy hope, they did not bring us to our knees.
Many people from all walks of life died that day.
We need to be reminded of that,
we do lose sight sometimes in this country.

We are not perfect. No man or GOD is perfect.
GOD created us in his image, we are not perfect.
I pray for peace, yet I know I know I will never see it in my lifetime,
know my son will not see it, I even know
my grandchildren will not see peace.
The muslims in this movie claim America humilates them,
I was sorry and sad they felt that way.
he sins of the country are placed on us its citizens
That's what infuriates me, I want to cry out,
Don't hurt me or my child!"

We need to take people on an individual basis,
case by case, person by person
one radical shouts they hate america,
do all muslims feel that way? No. *SIGH*
The muslims in this movie claim America is a disease,
but what you find here, you will find anywhere.

If you destroy America, who's next?
Because I have one small voice,
because I have opinions and ideas,
I am a threat to Osama and others like him.
They wish to kill me and destroy me.

Even in this movie, there were muslim men
who did not agree with the others,
they were good muslims,
and those who did not agree were outcasted,
the extremists do not tolerate. They are intolerant and evil.
How many peoples' livesdo you need to destroy with Jihad?
Where do you stop?

Intolerance is ugly, vile, and evil.
Those who are intolerant, will not have peace.

I respect muslims and their religion, I respect everyone.
And again I am being very general and I am mostly
talking about the DECENT HUMANS on this planet.
However, I do not, I cannot, will NOT respect
ANYONE that wishes malicious, purposeful , vindictive,
harm to any other human on this planet.
Killing is wrong. again I am being general.

Sadly in this world, it happens when good people
are backed into corners by predators, and maliciousness.
You kill someone who was trying to kill you or your family.
If they would've left you the heck alone in the first place,
the good human would never have to be in that situation.

If some crazed person were trying to hurt my child,
I would like to believe I would kill anyone to save my son.
Even though, it goes against every fiber of my being and my nature.
Basically leave me and mine alone.
I won't bother you and you don't bother me.

I am trying to live my life as safely as I can, and good as I can,
as respectful as I can, I stick to myself and I don't bother anyone,
and I am trying to teach my son to
respect other's lives the same way.

Yet, Osama and his like, wish to destroy me,
my values, even now I pray for them all.

Praise GOD, Praise Allah. Praise Buddah. Praise to all.

The men who wish to destroy will pay with their souls, they who follow Osama, will not reach enlightenment,
will not reach paradise, they will never be at peace. They will be doomed to be tormented for eternity.
That is some small consolement. For their roles in the 9/11 attacks, those men will never have paradise and will be eternally on fire, and to me it is comforting to know my families souls
will be at peace away from their poisoned spirits.

Bless, muslim, agnostic, christian, jew, white, arab, black , chinese ,
italian, irish, german, english, french, gay, straight , bi..


I wish no ill will to those who wish me no ill will. And if you wish me ill will, god have mercy on your soul.
The good people, the good HUMANS of this planet will get paradise, no matter what race, creed,
religion, orientation, no matter what as long as you have had a good heart, you will have peace and paradise.
The murderers of 9/11 are NOT in paradise, and never will be, they are doomed to eternal hell
and damnation and torment -
--Praise ALLAH. Praise Buddah, Praise GOD!

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