Thursday, November 30, 2006

To myspace or not?

Eh.. I am a lemming :P
I have finally given in and got my own myspace page.
It's really great too, I am reconnecting with some old friends,
and some new ones from my guild in World of Warcraft.
What can I say? I am a lemming :P
Myspace when used in its proper context is a great tool
for keeping in touch with long lost friends, making new ones,
and just all around innocent fun. However, nothing on the net is
without its DARKSIDE. There are things you have to be wary of on myspace, false profiles, people trying to spam you, steal your account information , and just other unscrupulous dick types who have
no life of their own other than to fuck with yours.
These people are sad.. and they just ruin something others try to enjoy.
They will always be out there, people who want to ruin a good time,
or a good thing. But with the majority of people saying we won't tolerate it, hopefully the dicks will piss off.
Eh.. One can only dream
Plus I love getting tv personalities I enjoy added to my friends list :D
My Myspace Page -


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