Friday, January 19, 2007

Victim of debts..

I recently watched the 20/20 episode
about debt and debt collection,
and I was shocked.
Especially the part of where some debt collectors
were really very nasty, openly breaking the
Fair Debt Collection Act.
They were breaking FEDERAL LAWS!
It is sickening. Luckily, we haven't had
anything threatening or anyone cussing at as,
but we have had persistant calls before.
Sometimes for awhile it may be everyday
and even sometimes a day.
Well, I want people to be informed of the right
of how they are supposed to be treated
when a debt collector calls you.
If someone ever is harrased you have
the right to sue for that abysmal treatment.
Especially if someone tells you you will go to jail,

Here is the link to the website that lays out
the Federal guidelines for the fair practice
of debt collecting :

Here are a couple of items to help you
figure out if you are financially sound
and what you should be stocking away
not judt for you but for your family
you leave behind. -

Add up all your monthly debt payments
including your :
Mortgage, Rent
Credit Cards, Car Loans
If that totals more than 1/3 of
your monthly pre-tax earnings
well my friend, you are in trouble.

Now, take your age and divide by 2,
and that is the percentage of
income you SHOULD be saving!
Most people dont. Are you doing it?


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