Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Finally, that time has rolled around again.
Time to compete in the

2nd annual pokerstars blogger championships.
This is the best tournament for any
and all bloggers
out there to show their stuff on
It was a really fun experience last time,

I did pretty well.
Naturally of course,

I am hoping to make it much further this year.
Pokerstars has been one of the best sites

on which to play online poker.
It is a great event.
I am honored to be a part of it, thanks.
Good luck to all you bloggers out there.

Pain update.

I have been out of the hospital for awhile now.
Learning the fate of my back condition.
I had an MRI done and it showed I had a few ruptured discs in my spine
between my L1 and L5 vertebraes. My mom and I were sent to a neurosurgeon in Nashville, TN for more evaluation.
It was a very short visit like all typical doctor visits. I was hoping he would talk with me about surgery. He wants that as a last resort. Instead, he wants to try spinal steroid injections into my back before surgery, which well be the last resort. I really don't know what is happening right now.
We are waiting for their contact here in town to schedule the first series
of injections. If they do not work, the doc will do the surgery possible removing several of the ruptured discs. His main concern is the really big ruptured one at the bottom of my spine. I have been in less pain, thank god for small favors. I am still unable to walk very well without the aid of crutches or the wheelchair. So now it's wait and see.
Thanks to all my friends who have wished me luck with the procedure
and the caring support and wishing for me to get better.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Ok, Just an update.. PAIN SUCKS.
Yea but who doesn't know that.
I will be unable to post for awhile,
even writing this I am in pain.
I somehow injured my sciatic nerve,
giving me sciatica, which is very
excruciating pain in the back, butt, hip,
knee, and ankle. It is a very big and
very long nerve. It constantly feels
as if someone put my leg, knee, and ankle
into a vice and is twisting it and tightening
it constantly. Imagine the worst pain you ever
felt in your life and multiply that by 100.
It is very hard to walk now, I have to use crutches.
And trying to find a comfortable position to sleep
in is nearly impossible. I have to keep taking
pain pills every hour. So, just pray for me,
and hope I get better.
No one should have to go through this kind of pain ever.

Poker Championship

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