Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Holidays Descend Upon Us

As the time draws closer to Christmas, I have felt what most of us feel at this time of year. The stress, the anxiety, the depression that settles in and weighs upon the mind. The time of family coming and going, and the little ones giggling with delight. Tomorrow will be Christmas Day. A time of goodwill to men, sharing, and caring. Remember the reason for the season.
It's all so cliche, yet true. As my son develops the 'gimmes' , I try to talk to him about why we give gifts, that it represents the giving of gifts by the wisemen to the newborn Jesus. I try to tell him the story of that night, of sacrifice, and love.
I won't know if I succeed at this, instilling in my son the values I try myself to show, until he has grown up into a man. I can only remember how he is right now. This will probably be my last post this year until 2006. I need time to soak it all in, and then let it all out. As well all do our own ritual end of year practices. So from my family to yours, MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, and HAPPY NEW YEAR. As I have lost people I loved last year and this year, please try to tell your loved ones how much they truly mean to you.
You never know when they last time you see them and talk to them will be, until it is too late. GOD BLESS.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Advent Children is a movie placed 2 years after the end of
the Final Fantasy 7 Game.
We have all the familiar characters. Cloud, Tifa, Yuffie, Barret,
Marlene and more. Sephiroth even reappears in the movie.
The visual is so stunning.
It is what we all imagined a Final Fantasy movie

Not that FF: Spirits Within wasn't imaginative in its own right,

but it was a HUGE dissappointment.
We finally get our prayers answered with ADVENT CHILDREN..
long awaited movie of ANY Final Fantasy fan.
Now in my last post ,

I attempted to put up a vid of a cool video I have on my computer.
I was unsuccessful in sharing that video with you.
However, I will put up links here when I find them of some very cool
Advent Children Videos. I love when people take music

and set them to in game movies and other CGI movies
anything to do with games.
So... ENJOY! (double click on any video to enlarge it)








Sunday, December 11, 2005


Ok.. So I am trying this to see if it works where I can host videos or songs
and then you (if anyone actually reads my blog) can just click a simple link
to download it , instead of me pasting a really long http address.
If so I this can be the start of me sharing interesting things I find around
the net , and then I will be able to share them.
The first is this awesome anime vid set to the song
'My December' by Linkin Park. It shows some scenes from
Advent Children (the new FF7 movie) and some FF7 game scenes.
I am constantly at checking out movies people
make of games and setting them to their favorite pieces of music.
I only wish I had the software to do this as well.
I just may have to ask one of them to take some scenes and set it to a song
I like.
Seriously the VID is COOL.
If you want to see it please email me at


Wil Wheaton is now starting to podcast on something called
Radio Free Burrito. Yea I know.. let's not go there.
He has recieved such warm responses so far for Episodes ZERO and ONE.
Basically of course , if you are here , you've been to WWDN: ix before.
Please go to his blog and find his posts for Episode Zero and One.
Have a listen! I enjoyed it immensely!

Nothing Important..really

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. It's not like anyone actually reads me.
Unlike Wil Wheaton's Blog :
blog :
or even the growing Steffie Sertich's blog :
even Shane Nickerson's Nickerblog (on hiatus) :

These are what I am reading these days. So basically my blog will be what I think of these and anything else that pops into my head. I don't feel like personal stuff right now because I don't want this blog to bum people out.
Like most people i want to entertain. just to have someone or something to talk to until I die :P
More later ....

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