Friday, March 03, 2006


If you would like to help Wil Wheaton
and his wife Anne in their Rock and Roll run this year ,
please visit this link to donate.
Even if it is something as small as 5 dollars.
Let's DO IT!!



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Wil Wheaton's Fundraiser

Recently, as a reader of Wil Wheaton's blog
Wil Wheaton dot Net : In Exile , or WWdN:iX , Wil had asked for donations to his charity run for the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation. I was happy to donate my 10 dollars and his readers raised a bit more than he expected to actually get. :) .. Go kindness!!
I talked to Wil on where he plays in his Tuesday Wil Wheaton tourneys, and he thanked me for the donation..
He also thanked everyone who donated publicly on his site :

Here is his entire post:

race for the cure fundrasing results

When I
posted about the Race for the Cure last Sunday, I hoped that I'd generate $500 in donations, but I expected to get somewhere closer to $200.
I am so pleased, and so thrilled to announce that WWdN:iX readers joined together to contribute eight hundred and twenty-four dollars to the
Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation in Los Angeles County.
I've thanked each of you individually, and now I'd like to thank you all publicly:

From PokerStars -

1. Johnny
2. Carsten
3. Misty -ME ME ME!! OMG I'm On THE BLOG!!! heh!

4. Big Slick Nuts

From WWdN:iX -

1. Daniel G.
2. Lara W, in honor or Aunt Catherine
3. Rob S.
4. Christian R.
5. Kate L.
6. Michelle M.
7. Carrie I.
8. Kirsten W.
9. Ray and Erica B.
10. Tony and Elizabeth M.
11. John D.
12. Shauna R.
13. David V.
14. Wendy M.
15. Christina C.
16. Holly H.
17. Ryan W.
18. Christopher E.
19. Christine R.
20. Chris S.
21. Anonymous, for Shannon.
22. Damon B.
23. Paul S.
24. Mary M.
25. Martin R.
26. Paul G.
27. Jean S.

I love the "distributed fundraising" part of this whole thing. Thanks to the Internets, I was able to reach more people, more easily, and more quickly than if I'd sent out a ton of paper letters, or walked through my neighborhood knocking on doors. In fact, some of you even sent donations from Great Britain, which arrived here almost instantaneously thanks to Pay Pal. Ten years ago, that wouldn't have been nearly as easy as it was this week, if it was even possible at all. You know, we can make a very positive difference in the world, simply by coming together when we have an opportunity to build something that's greater than all of us individually.

For those of you who wanted to be part of this, but couldn't, our friend Kris is back in the hospital, so
Anne and I are doing the Rock and Roll Marathon again this year, and our fundraising is just about to get started. This year, we'll have a blog dedicated to training and updates, as well as some in-person fundraisers in Los Angeles and some virtual fundraisers online (poker tourneys, eBay auctions, etc.)
Thank you all for your kindness, support, and generosity.

Anytime WIL!

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