Monday, February 27, 2006

Insanity and A Birthday.

I know it has been awhile since my last post, but after watching the news nonstop for the last month trying to get ideas for my blog, I got too depressed to write. In one month I have seen more stupidity from the human race and to try and blog it all would have meant I wouldn't be seeing my child any time soon. I had to unplug a little you know. However, this past weekend was a great one and I wanted to write for myself before I forgot it all. Friday the 24th was my mother's 49th birthday. It turned out to be a pretty nice day. Mom went to work and since Christopher doesn't have preschool on Fridays I got to spend a few extra morning hours in bed before being woke up by him jumping on my bed demanding to play the playstation again.
I told him 'Hey, today is grandma's birthday! yay!, wanna call her?"
so we did and he wished her happy birthday and I talked with her and said yea I still wanted to go out, since we hardly do anything like that kinda making up for last year. So me and Chris sat around playing games, I cleaned the apartment, made sure almost all the dishes were done, since it was mom's birthday and just waited around till it was time for her to get off work. She calls me at 5:30 reminding me to get ready,
"yea yea mom I am already dressed". I finish getting Chris ready and we head out to meet her in the parking lot. Every so often , new restaurants spring up in Hopkinsville, and I like to try and support local businesses and eat at different places, especially ones I have never tried before. We drove around a bit, when I spotted the Main Street Grill.
"Hey, we've never eaten there, Let's give it a shot." We circle the blocks a couple times, fri nights most spots are packed for either this dive pool bar or Cafe 541. We finally find a spot in the bank lot across from the Grill.
'We'll be quick'. I said. So we head carefully across the street to the front door and I quickly realize it is a Thai and American restaurant.
Ok, I have never had Thai food before now, but heck it's a special day, might be neat to try something new. Of course as soon as we sit down, Chris is running all over the place ,

but luckily only one other table was filled with a family
and they were in a separate section of the restaurant.
Chris is now claiming he needs to go pee every 3 minutes,

the bathrooms are literally the size of a closet.
Seriously. I ask the waitress what she recommends since
have never had Thai before. She pointed me to this "chili Cashew with peppers" dish
and I said Ok I will try that. Well, It wasn't chili as I was thinking,
just a big ole plate of stir fry with peppers onions spicy chicken and cashews and rice.
OH BOY. I do not like peppers that much, but I gave it a try.
Hey! This isn't half bad!
I spoke too soon. HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!!
By now, I am guzzling my sodas down, and She can't bring the refills fast enough,

we had to order chicken fingers for Chris because right now
that is all he ever eats, and he is still running around like a chicken with his head cut off.

"Chris you either sit down now, or you are going into a high chair!"
Big grin.. "OK!" (he runs off and drags one of those wooden high chairs over' I plop him in and no sooner after a few fries have made their way past his mouth.. "Mommeeee.. I gotta PEE!!"
"No you don't!" "YES I DO!"
(groan) Pull him out of the chair walk over to the bathroom and let him pee again for the 6th time!
We sit again.. I GOTTA PEE!. I look at mom.. your turn!
While she whisks him away again.. I walk up to the counter..
3 boxes to go please.. right away.
So mom and I pack up our half eaten plates and chris's completely full plate, pay the bill, and head back to the car.
" Not for another year!" and I agree. Chris is still not trained enough
to eat with us in public. My fault probably, I say probably because

I don't wanna face how hard it is to get him to behave in public
simply because I have NO IDEA HOW.
So I am patiently waiting for him to get older
and hope the behavior goes away. Wrong I know.

Got any suggestions?
Anyway, we head over to Wal-Mart to pick up the ice cream cake mom bought for herself

and for us and I get Chris settled in the basket part of the cart
tell mom we will meat up with her later.
"Chris now you get to pick out everything for grandma for her birthday,

but I'll help ok?" 'OK MOMMY!
First we pick out the card, cute one :) From grandson to grandma.
Then we walk around looking for some little gift when we reach the toy and electronic areas. I spy an assortment of plush animals for 5 dollars and I tell Chris to pick one he goes for a gorilla then changes his mind and snags the puppy dog. By now he's hugging the thing.
'Ok that's from you , now lets find something from me. We get over near the jewelry then I see this angel on a rock thing, I love inspiration message type stuff, so I pick one with the phrase ' With God All things are Possible' .. cute right?
One final item , a bouquet of flowers for 4 bucks and we are set with our
grandma goodies. We check out our items, meet up with mom, and Chris yells 'Don't LOOK GRAMMA!' How cute is he?
We get home, and do the whole birthday bit, I let Chris hand her the presents, I light the cake carry it to her where she is sitting on the couch while we sing the happy birthday song and then we have cake. We then settle in to watch our Netflix movies and then go to bed.
All in all, a pretty sweet birthday for the lady who gave me life.
God knows she deserved it.

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